News From The Waterfront

Why Choose Culture Cruises?

Le Lyrial departing Venice

To begin with; we’re different to other cruise operators in that we are a boutique company and we believe in old-fashioned personal service.

The quest of Culture Cruises Ltd is to serve a community of travellers that wants more than just a cruise.

Discerning travellers who want all the sybaritic luxury of life at sea, but who also seek something more; to stimulate the senses and arouse the intellect.

Whether you’re travelling with others or alone, it’s important to get every aspect of your cruise absolutely right. We believe that we can only do that if we, the owners, get involved personally, and we are committed to do that. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, then get in touch and we’ll be on the case.

This is no cynical supermarket for ‘floating cities’, this is your local delicatessen for ravishing ships and riveting trips.

…We don’t have to be too ‘worthy’ about Culture though: it can be with a big C or a little c!

Perhaps someone in your party doesn’t want to be ‘cultured’ while on holiday. Well, that’s OK too. There will be plenty of other things to do and enjoy, including Spas, deck-chairs and studying the horizon.

In a word: relaxation.

For more information about our cruises please fill in the enquiry form or ring us on 0207 660 1450, and we will be delighted to chat with you and discuss your requirements.

We will also be offering different offers and discounts each month, and in order to view these, please sign up for our Newsletter.

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